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Welcome to Thompson Behavioral Health Services, your first choice for behavioral health services in Fairfield, CA and the surrounding area. Our behavioral consultants provide mental health assessments, consultations, and management for properties that need them, ensuring that your tenants live the healthy, fulfilling, and peaceful lives they deserve.

We provide behavior health consultations to evaluate current residents and environmental issues, as well as performing client behavioral interventions to defuse escalating tensions and facilitate communication and harmony within a community. Ideal for adult residential facilities, our behavioral health contracts provide all the monitoring and intervention service your residents need to live happy lives together.

Thompson Behavioral Health Services has all the tools, resources, and expertise to handle all of your behavioral health needs in one convenient place for one affordable price. Our mental health consultants and counselors are committed to creating a happy, harmonious environment for all of our clients, ensuring that residents and management live cooperatively and comfortably with each other all of the time. Contact Thompson Behavioral Health Services today and we'll give you a comprehensive description of all the services and resources we offer for behavioral health services that you can rely on.


Thompson Behavioral Health Services Performs Behavioral Health Services in Fairfield,CA

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Behavioral Health Assessment


Thompson Behavioral Health Services provides behavioral health assessments for our clients and communities to ensure that you have accurate and complete information about your residents. Behavioral health assessments

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Behavioral Consultant


Thompson Behavioral Health Services provides you with a behavioral consultant with more than fifteen years of experience and education that you can count on for expert mental health consultations. Our

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Client Behavioral Interventions


Thompson Behavioral Health Services performs client behavioral interventions to promote community and harmony amongst your residents. Our client behavioral interventions offer a supportive and encouraging environment with experienced behavioral consultant

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